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Clam Shell Vent

Product Description

This item for sale is a brand new Stainless Steel Midget Clam Shell Vent featuring polished 316 stamped stainless steel construction. These small vents have many uses. They are attractive covers for locker ventilation holes.
The Clam shell shape can be used as a protective shield for cables and electrical wiring passing through transoms, cabin sides, etc. Some boatbuilders use these vents as water intake scoops for cutless bearing cooling systems.
Nicely finished scoop would work great for motor box, bilge, cabin, etc. venting on your classic boat, also handy for cable routing to prevent water intrusion.
Provides a seal and splash protection for vent holes, wire and hose openings.

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Glass pool fencing
Fishing Rod Holder

Fishing Rod Rack
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